Getting Started
Whatever the occasion, let Dufflet sweeten the event with a custom hand-crafted cake to remember.

Step 1 - Get inspired... View our two PDF Ordering Guides - one each for Multi-tier Wedding cakes and Single-tier Celebration cakes

Step 2 - Get options... Consider the number of servings and what your cake should look like including tier shapes and flavours, finishes and tints, border piping and flowers.

Step 3 - Get in touch... select the Dufflet café most convenient to you to arrange for a consultation via email or in-person. Our Contact Us page shows store hours and contact info.

Basically Yours

The Big Picture...
Our Buying Guides show 4 images per page for quick web viewing. Full-page photos for each design are available online for Wedding Cakes and Celebration Cakes.

What's in a name?
Since each Dufflet cake is easy to customize for flavour, size, colours (and more!), our design names describe the overall look of our cakes. Most Dufflet designs may be ordered in any cake shape (rounds or squares), single-tier or multi-tier.

Multi-tier vs Single-tier designs...
Each design is easy to identify by it's name and number. If you like a multi-tier design, you can request a single-tier cake with that design concept adapted to it.

Buttercream vs Fondant...
On each photo we've indicated which designs are suitable for either fondant or buttercream finish and which ones are not.

Magazine Photos...
If you've fallen in love with a cake that you've seen in a magazine or on-line, please forward that photo to us for a quotation.

Novelty Shapes...
Sorry, but we don't make cakes in specialty shapes (teddy bears, beer bottles, etc)

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